Going Green with New Demonstration Homes! – Press Conference -

Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association and Efficiency Nova Scotia
Go Green with New Demonstration Homes!

Dartmouth (NS) – August 15, 2011 – The Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) and Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation (ENSC) will be opening the doors to the Dartmouth Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Home one of two newly designed energy efficient homes. These homes will have minimum EnerGuide ratings of 92 and will include the latest building practices in Nova Scotia.

“These newly designed homes feature all of the latest in energy efficient home design and construction,” said Paul Pettipas, CEO of NSHBA. “The homes are so efficient that they will provide a monthly payback that goes a long way in covering the initial added costs of building.”

The purpose of building these homes is to demonstrate the cost savings associated with a green design. With over $7000 in rebates available based on an EnerGuide rating of 88, these R-2000 homes will set a new standard in terms of what resources are available to families looking to go green.

“Although some materials do incur higher initial costs, the monthly savings in energy costs ensure that each component is worth the money spent to purchase and install them,” said Allan Crandlemire, CEO of ENSC. “All of the materials used to build these homes are available locally and are relatively affordable, which is great for those trying to go green on a budget – anyone can do it.”

With escalating energy costs, it is more important now, more than ever before to consider energy efficiency when building a home. These new homes will reduce energy costs, the home’s carbon foot print and serve as a benchmark for those who wish to pursue an energy efficient design.

These projects come at a time when innovation for energy efficiency has never been higher. Although these are the first homes of their kind in Nova Scotia, NSHBA and ENSC hopes that they will increase awareness for consumers in terms of what is actually out there to help families save some money, while saving the environment.

Once the homes are completed, they will be open for public viewing for a period of eight weeks. For more information, on the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes visit www.demonstrationhomes.com.


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