Official Grand Opening – Sackville & Dartmouth Demonstration Homes


After months of planning, constructing and building, Efficiency Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association (NSHBA) have officially launched two of the most energy efficient homes in the province.

These homes, located in Sackville and Dartmouth, are the ultimate in energy efficient home construction reaching EnerGuide ratings of 96 and 94 respectively – the highest EnerGuide ratings in Nova Scotia. From the specific framing details of the homes to the photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, these homes are an example of the future of new home construction.

Sackville Home Grand Opening : (left - right) Carol McCulloch, Donald Dodge, Caleb Howden & Steve Lockhart (builders, Denim Homes), Allan Crandlemire

“Not only are these homes energy efficient, but they are also affordable for the majority of Nova Scotians,” says NSHBA chief executive officer (CEO), Paul Pettipas. “That is what makes these Demonstration Homes so special.”

The official grand opening shared highlights of the building process with representation from the industry, Efficiency Nova Scotia and the provincial government.

“These homes would fit into any subdivision and the interior would appeal to many people” says Allan Crandlemire, CEO of Efficiency Nova Scotia corporation. “That’s what it is all about; it’s building what people want and at the same time raising the bar in terms of energy efficiency.”

Dartmouth Home Grand Opening: (left - right) Allan Crandlemire, Jim Smith, Bruce Cameron, Andrew Watson & Tamara Barker Watson (builders, Whitestone Developments), John Aguinaga, Gloria McClusky.

Wanting the public to see how special these homes truly are, the homes will be open for an eight-week viewing period. During this timeframe, industry professionals, construction students, current and potential homeowners and the general public have been invited to come view the homes and take a tour.

“The goal is to teach Nova Scotians about the simplicity and affordability of energy efficient home construction,” adds Pettipas. “Everyone is welcome to enjoy a tour and see what the energy-efficient homes have to offer.”

Tours began October 1st and are opened every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm and on various hours throughout the week. Be sure to visit for an updated schedule.

Look for the Open House directional signs in both Sunset Ridge and Willow Ridge subdivision!

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes is a program designed to serve as a benchmark of energy efficiency for all home builders and designers. These homes represent a new era for the residential construction energy that will be cleaner and greener. The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will reduce the size of their carbon footprint while saving them money on energy costs each and every month.

“These homes represent the future of home building in this province and we are excited to show Nova Scotians what the future looks like,” concludes Pettipas.


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