Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes

Saving Energy and Costs

With the cost of energy continuing to rise, home builders and owners are always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and keep money in their pockets. Homes built with energy efficient materials, systems, equipment and components reduce homes owners’ energy costs each and every day. While the initial costs associated with energy efficient home construction can be higher, the savings and benefits of using less energy make up for it in the long run.

Saving the Environment

Taking care of our planet is a high priority for many and living in an energy efficient home is an easy way to do your part. Energy efficient homes are built to a higher standard, reduceing energy use and home owners’ carbon footprint. The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will be built to a minimum EnerGuide rating of 94, exceeding Nova Scotia’s minimum EnerGuide Rating of 80.

Featuring the Latest in Home Building Technology

The latest home construction technology is focused on energy efficiency, the largest growing trend in the industry. Home owners who choose to build energy efficient homes are on the cutting edge of residential home construction.


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The Future of Housing in Nova Scotia! When it comes to advanced building practices, Nova Scotia leads the way for innovation. This makes the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes project all the more exciting! Featuring some of the highest energy-efficient options currently available in residential construction, the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will provide Nova ... Read More
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