Both Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will be equipped with a split system heat pump capable of producing a minimum of 33,600 BTUs an hour. The outdoor/ indoor unit draws air in from the exterior of the home where it is heated and directed to the inside. Inside the home the air is reheated and distributed throughout the home. Due to the air tight envelope of the homes the air handling unit constantly operates on low speed.

The energy star ground source heat pump runs on a two-stage scroll compressor that uses R-410A chlorine- free refrigerant, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. It features highly effective temperature and humidity controls and a quiet condenser fan motor. The model in the demonstration home’s have a lifetime compressor warranty as well as a ten year parts and replacement warranty.

Honeywell programmable thermostats are used to control the temperature inside the home to ensure maximum energy efficiency throughout the day.
Each home’s heating system will be complemented by double glazed windows on the south side of the home that allow solar heat to enter the home.
The floors are also equipped with a unique in-floor heating system that utilizes any domestic hot water that exceeds the storage capacity of the tanks. A series of pipes were set into the floor and are designed to utilize the homes water system to heat it. While this system is not the homes primary heat sources it does generate a very comfortable heat using systems already in service in other areas of the home.


The lighting in the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes will all be compact fluorescent (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED). These energy efficient bulbs use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs while producing more amount of light.
The lighting systems in the homes are controlled by a whole home automation switch system with a switch that allows the owner to turn off all lights in the home at once.

Energy Star Appliances

All appliances installed in the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration homes are Energy Star Certified meaning they operate effectively with minimal energy requirements. Energy Star appliances are made from energy efficient materials reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

The Energy Star appliances used in the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes include:

The washer
The drier
The refrigerator
The heating system, and
The kitchen appliances


Both homes are being constructed on fully serviced lots complete with water and sewer services so all utilities are provided by the HRM.

Thermo Dynamics Solar Boiler

All domestic hot water used in the Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Homes is heated using a certified solar water heating system supplied by Thermo Dynamics. This system uses two photovoltaic solar energy collectors that heat water from the municipal service and contained in a solar storage tank and a traditional electric water heater.

Any water that exceeds the capacity of the solar storage tank and the electric water heater is distributed through a series of heating pipes installed in the home’s floor which gives off a comfortable radiant heat.

Drain Water Heat Recovery

There are two 60” drain water heat recovery system that reuses the heat from all wastewater that comes from the shower and baths. A copper pipe is coiled tightly around the showers drain lines on the top floor that conduct heat into domestic water lines installed on the Thermal Dynamics Solar Boiler system. This system has the ability to recover up to 62% of the energy that is typically lost in normal drain systems.
In the Dartmouth home the basement allows all wastewater drains in the home to connect in the mechanical room in order to reuse all the heat used in these lines.


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