Dartmouth Demonstration Home

Dartmouth Home Location:
37 (Lot 59) Viridian Dr.
Willow Ridge Subdivision,

Dartmouth, NS

Builder: Whitestone Developments

WhiteStone Developments


Exit 2A Woodlawn Ave., off Hwy 111, to Lancaster Dr.,
first right on Cannon Terr., right on Viridian

The Efficiency Nova Scotia Demonstration Home located in Dartmouth is a two level, single family detached home constructed on a concrete foundation and located in the beautiful Willow Ridge subdivision. This 3153 square foot home will be built with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and an open concept layout on the main floor. All of the appliances used in the home will be ENERGY STAR® rated and the home will be built to a minimum EnerGuide rating of 94.

Energy Efficient Features:

  • The Dartmouth home will have a full basement complete with a Garage, Recreation Room, Office and separate mechanical room.
  • 2′ x 10′ with staggered 2″ x 4″ studs for optimal insulation.
  • Triple glazed low E argon on the north, east and west sides of the home for heat retention.
  • Double glazed low E argon on the south side of the home to take advantage of solar gain.
  • Wet sprayed cellulose made from recycled materials in walls to attain a projected R-42 value.
  • Cellulose made from recycled materials in the roof to attain a projected R-60 value.
  • Two 60” drain water heat recovery units installed on drains that recover and transfer heat from wastewater to heat domestic hot water.
  • Solar Boiler with two thermal collectors that utilizes the solar energy to heat domestic hot water for showers and washing.
  • A heat pump will be used as the primary source of heating complemented by solar heat entering the home on the south side.
    In addition, excess water from the drain water heat recovery units will be sent to a radiant heating system in the floor.
    Renewable Energy:
  • Sixteen 235 Watt Photovoltaic Panels located on the east and west sides of the roof will collect solar energy and redirect to the community’s residential power grid.

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